Craft sessions: Decorating carnaval masks

Hello! I’m Lou and I’m a craftaholic

I will be regularly sharing my experiences of the craft group sessions

For February’s session, The Hub Eindhoven invited the craft group (every first Tuesday of the month) to create some colourful decorative masks for their carnaval celebration. We used a mix of colourful materials with a South American flavour to draw on the international vibe of the hub

The session was organised by Laura and Bex who are both volunteers at the hub


Making the masks was a fun and relaxed way for new expats who were unfamiliar with carnaval to join in

A little bit of history


So what is carnaval? Well, it all begins with each town picking a prince who is bestowed the privilege of receiving the key to the city for the duration of carnaval, from then his “subjects” will drink, dance and dress up in pretty bizarre costumes. Carnaval typically takes place in the south of Holland (where each town will change their names for the festivities) the celebrations last for five days

For more info about carnaval click here 

Thanks for reading!


Bi-monthly drop in craft sessions at various locations, please check our calendar  for the next session



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