Join us at the Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire!

Hi everyone,

I have registered Eindhoven Craft Group for a stall at the Mini Makers Faire Eindhoven, which is 10+11th September.

We’ll be promoting the community and our activities, and running mini craft workshops for visitors.

makersfaire 2015
Craftehv stall at Maker Faire 2015

If you’d like to help out on the stall, run a workshop or have a small space to promote your handywork-
please email me at BEFORE 5TH JULY (coming Tuesday). Then I can divide the deposit amount (€50 total) between participating crafters. Participants will then be notified, to pay their contribution by 10th July. NB.- It’s a deposit, so I can return your payment after 11th September!

PLEASE NOTE- we won’t be selling at this event, it’s for promotion and workshops only!

Looking forward to joining this event with you guys, it was really fun last year.

And there were robots… need I say more.

Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire



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