Join our international handmade craft swap!

I invite you to make a Christmas or winter-inspired ornament or decoration for the holidays. You will be randomly assigned a ‘swap partner’ to send this to, and in return you will receive a handmade ornament from another crafter.
There’s no pressure to make something professional or very intricate. You can make it as simple and as easy as you like, using whatever free time you have.

-DEADLINE- Please sign up before the end of 31st October (31.10.16). That way I can partner everyone up.
To join the event, please email me ( your postal address. I will pass this on to your assigned partner (and only them). It could be any of the other crafters!
-I will message you your partner’s mail address shortly after the 1st. It is then up to you to make the ornament/decoration, and send it off to their address.
– All ornaments/decorations should be finished and ideally in the post by 15th November (15.11.15). That’s two weeks from receiving your partner’s address!
– If we stick to the above schedule, we should all receive ours in time to display for the holidays.

– This is an international swap, so it’s a good idea to keep the item small or flat. You will pay the postage costs!
– Handmade is exactly that- you make the item by hand. Feel free to use whatever material you like
-It can be a tree ornament, a wall-hanging, a wintry standing tabletop ornament or something else. It’s up to you!

-Perhaps including a small note with who and where it was made would be nice! Or you can keep it ‘Secret Santa’ style and stay anonymous if you prefer

-Kids can join. In fact, anything made by kids trumps anything made by adults in my book!


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